Card games have ever been an integral part of every online casino’s gaming portfolio; perhaps, major part of every casino’s income comes from their card games. Traditionally, card games were only used to play in land casinos, but with the availability of an improved technology, software providers have now come with many excellent online card games, including every popular variant anyone can imagine of. Nowadays, anyone can find any card game he wants to play online, may it be a video poker game, or an online blackjack; everything is available right sitting in front of your computer screen! A novice to card games often gets confused by the hand rankings methodology followed by various card games, perhaps, many times each game’s variant has its own procedure to find out the best hand ranking.



Poker is a well-known card game; perhaps, one easily calls it a ruler of all online casino and casino games, for that matter. Poker, basically, has many variants across the globe, including many regional ones. Yet, the supremacy of hand ranking is always found in every poker variant. Generally, cards with higher denominations worth more than lower denomination cards, yet there’s a predefined hand ranking hierarchy that is being followed by every poker variant around the world. Top of them is a Riyal Flush, which comprises five topmost cards with similar suits. Basically, predefined hand rankings give more weightage to equal suits, equal denominations, and sequential cards, so every hand ranking that either has the equal suits, or same denominations, or a sequential series, worth more than others, otherwise a straight counting is taken place to find out the winner of any poker game.



Blackjack is a traditional card game with its unique gameplay and hand ranking procedure. Blackjack follows a simple approach to calculate different hand rankings, where colors and suits of cards have no values. Further, an Ace can either be taken as one or an eleven, whichever suites the best. Additionally, all face cards are taken as ‘10’ while calculating final hand ranking’s worth. In short, Blackjack takes each numbered card at its denominating value while Ace has two values, and rest all cards have an equal ‘10’ value for hand ranking purposes.


Specialized Wild Card Games

Normally, a card game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, but sometimes, an additional Joker is also used as a wild card with its special privileges. Every wild card has the powers to replace any missing card to finally come up with a higher hand ranking. Like, if any Royal flush hand ranking is made up with the use of a wild card, it will have the top most rank, but less than a natural royal flush. So, in a mean, wild card serves as a proxy for any missing card to complete a predefined hand ranking.