Casino Roulette Game

Einstein once said that the only way that anyone can win money from roulette is if they steal money from the casino table when the croupier is not looking. He’s said to be one of the smartest men in history, so he must be on to something. The house odds are rather huge in roulette and it’s pretty hard to walk away a winner in the long run. However, there are people who believe that roulette can be beaten by using some betting systems. Many people believe that these systems do not work. But there are also others who swear that they do. The best thing that an unbiased player can do is to try them out and see if they work out.


Martingale System

The most popular of all betting system is the Martingale System. It’s a system wherein a player doubles his or her bet after a loss so that the player will always have enough money to recover his past losses and earn some more with his next win. For example, if you bet $1 and lose, then you’ll bet $2. Then, if you still lose, then you will bet $4. In total, you’ll have lost $7. On the next hand, you’ll bet $8. In case you win, you’ll have won enough money to cover you previous losses.

It’s a viable system – that is, if you have enough money. If you lose several times in a row – which if rather common in roulette – then you’ll have exhausted your casino bankroll in just a few spins.

People who have experimented with the Martingale system say that there is no difference between betting flat and betting while using the system and that the chances of winning and losing in both are just the same.

Variations of the Martingale system are very common, with people always believing that they have somehow found the ‘trick’ to win roulette.


Outcome Patterns

There are some casino players who think that just because the ball has been choosing to fall on red numbers means that it’s going to choose black next. As such, they wait for certain patterns before making their bets. For example, the ball has to choose black for three times in a row before they’re going to make their bet – because it just has to choose red next time, right? Not really. Roulette is random, so it could still choose black on the next spin. Its previous choices are all irrelevant.